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drum set

Larry Salzman is available for private drum set lessons--all ages and levels welcome. Larry's current students range in age from 6 to 60 years. All styles are taught with an emphasis on:

  • proper stick technique
  • sight reading
  • speed, accuracy, and endurance
  • musicianship and stylistic development
  • hand, foot and eye coordination

Both match grip and traditional grip are taught, plus drum set ergonomics.

Larry will pass on skills learned from some of the top drum set players known today: Roy Burns, Peter Erskine, Tommy Brechtlein, Dave Weckl, Chuck Silverman, Alex Acuna, and more.

world hand percussion

Larry teaches the following hand percussion instruments:

  • Middie Eastern: darbuka/doumbek (Egyptian and Turkish finger-snap technique), frame drum (ghaval, riq, daf and tar), and tabla
  • African: djembe, udu and udongo, talking drum, kalimba/mbira, marimabata, gankogui, atoke and frikwa bells
  • Afro-Cuban: congas, bongos, timbales, guiro, shakers, clave and cowbells
  • Brazilian: pandiero, berimbau, repinique
  • Peruvian: cajon
  • Domestic/eclectic: washboard and rhythm bones

Larry will demonstrate techniques learned from master musicians from around the world, including tabla gurus Abhijit Banerjee and Jyoti Prakash, and Latin percussionsts Luis Conte and Brian Kilgore.

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Rates are $45/60 mins, $37.50/45 mins, or $30/30 mins. Monthly payment in advance is required to guarantee appointment time.


In-studio lessons are taught in downtown Fullerton, California.
In-home lessons may be taught in north Orange County, California (depending on availability).
online lessons are taught via skype.