drums & world percussion


Larry Salzman started playing/studying the drum set at age 8. His first instructor was Mark Seigal, percussionist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Larry was trained strictly on the snare drum with emphasis on sight-reading and sticking technique. By age 10, Larry had started drum set lessons with Chicago drummer Ed Breckenfield.

As a young teenager, he moved to Los Angeles and began studying under Jim Anderson, who Larry credits as one of his biggest influences. The following years, Larry studied under Roy Burns, Tom Brechtlein, David Garibaldi, Ian Froman, Stu Nevitt, and Luis Conte. In addition to studying with such accomplished musicians, Larry has attended Berklee College of Music and Grove School of Music in Los Angeles.

By age 15, he was performing around Los Angeles and Orange County with local jazz musicians (some of which were three times his age). Larry was part of an R&B band with fellow musicians Jason Freese (Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day), Dan Lutz (popular LA session bassist) and blues guitarist Jason Sneider. At age 20, Larry started getting some playing experience with well-respected musicians, including Grammy award-winning trombonist Rob McConnell, guitarist Jeff Richman, and Chieli Minnucci.


Larry is a versatile drummer and can play every style of music. He has played and recorded with many different artists, such as Angie Mattson, Coto Normal, Ken Hankins, Scott Berry, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Saccharine Trust/Joe Baiza, Violet Burning, Stone 588 and Darling Violetta.


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